24x7 Care

The CareCenter is ready to assist 24/7/365, complementing your disease management and wellness programs. Care Specialists receive the same training and certification as 911 emergency dispatchers (NAED). In addition, they are trained in different motivation techniques designed to support members in changing their behavior and improving their health.

Real-Time Support

Imagine receiving a call minutes after recording a dangerous blood glucose reading. 24/7 Care Specialists are ready to intervene in real-time during an emergency and to help and encourage members in achieving their testing goals.

Care Coordination

A unique and active approach, ActiveCare provides caregivers, physicians, disease management, and wellness coordinators with real-time visibility into a members health. This "live" intervention and coordination encourages better habits as it reinforces wellness goals.

Whether providing intervention service after hours or around the clock, the CareCenter works directly with your disease management and wellness teams to provide a complete solution.