Everyone knows someone with diabetes. Currently, throughout the country, there are over 29 million people living with diabetes. One in three children will have diabetes in their lifetime.

Diabetes Impact

One of the single most costly conditions, the average diabetic costs $13,700 per year in claims as well as $3,136 in lost productivity per person. Without any support or encouragement provided by the ActiveCare™ solution, 70%-80% of diabetes are non-compliant with their treatment plan.

Treatment plans are a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and regular testing (The American Diabetes Association recommends three to four times per day). By testing at least three times per day, a type 2 diabetic can learn how to control their chronic illness through proper food intake, weight control, and exercise.

Increased Visibility

Historically, disease management has been reserved for only the extremely high risk and high claim members. The ActiveCare™ solution brings clarity and understanding to the chronic disease population, identifying who needs help today.

Members receive a state-of-the-art cellular glucometer and testing supplies, which allows for test results to be sent wirelessly to ActiveCare™ immediately after every test. Everything is automatic. The only thing a member needs to do is test.

Improved Outcomes

Studying ActiveCare™'s entire member base has shown a direct correlation between how often members test and their blood glucose readings. Those following the American Diabetes Association's recommendations for testing multiple times per day had average blood sugar readings 26 points lower than those not testing or the equivalent of a 1% drop in A1C.

Lower Costs

Working together with employers, disease managers, and health plans over the past three years, ActiveCare™ has shown an increase in members who actively test from 18% to between 30%-50% depending on the health plan's level of support.

With increased visibility and accountability, within two years of implementing the ActiveCare™ solution, ActiveCare is able to save employers an average of $1,778 per engaged member per year.