Unfortunately, traditional methods have no real-time visibility into a diabetic's health and wellness.  Vital readings and information into a member's daily health and behaviors remain trapped on the meter and are often never shared with healthcare professionals.

With no visibility into their daily health there is no way to monitor their condition and without monitoring, there is no way to know if someone needs help before their situation becomes critical and requires medical intervention either through the ER or patient hospital stay. It's a reactionary approach that only focuses and supports members after they have had a high-cost claim and are considered high risk.

The ActiveCare™ Difference

ActiveCare™'s revolutionary diabetes monitoring program provides diabetics, clinicians and other designated caregivers, real-time awareness into their glucose management.

Members receive a state-of-the-art cellular glucometer and testing supplies, which allows for test results to be sent wirelessly to ActiveCare immediately after every test. Everything is automatic. The only thing a member needs to do is test. 

Working together with your benefits and wellness teams and providers, ActiveCare provides additional strategies and programs designed to better change member behavior and improve their health.  As members begin to test regularly they begin to understand the effects of diet and exercise on their blood sugar and change their behavior, improving their health.

Solution Benefits

  • Empowers Family
  • Increases Adoption
  • Increases Testing
  • Simplifies Diabetes Management